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Technidyne Mill App

Mill Matcher

Flexibility, education, positive user experience and a selling advantage were just some of the requirements that were requested from Technidyne when they approached Content-1 about developing a mobile-first web application we call the Mill Matcher.


Discover the right instrument for the right job

This custom app presents users with a graphic representation of all the milestones in the papermaking process and then matches each with instruments designed to support them. From pulping to finishing and everything in-between Mill Matcher is a valuable tool for discovering the testing instruments that will ensure paper quality and process control every step of the way. Having the right tool in place helps paper mills avoid bad runs and waste that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses without the proper testing protocols in place.

Mill Matcher pairs processes with testing instruments along with important explanations about the function of each along with supporting data. Content-1 developed the app with the flexibility to work devices and browsers seamlessly to provide the most up-to-date information anywhere and at any time.

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