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Lentus Vegas Social and App Promo

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Lentus Vegas Social and App Promo

When Lentus was exhibiting at an important industry trade show in Las Vegas, they wanted to take advantage of every opportunity possible to drive traffic to their booth, and to share the Lentus story. They turned to Content-1 to figure out the best way to accomplish these goals without breaking the bank.


We started investigating options open to exhibitors for promotion during the show and discovered that the show had its own app that helped people with schedules, floor maps, notices and most importantly a constant news feed that imported items from Twitter with a special show hashtag automatically. This automatic posting was free and offered the opportunity to advertise directly to any attendee with a smartphone every day of this week-long event.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.42.55 PM.png
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Content-1 went into action creating highly visual concepts for Twitter posts telling the Lentus story Vegas style including Vegas references, humor and free offers to increase booth traffic during the show. We then put these posts on a rotation with a post happening every two hours knowing that they would automatically show up in the show’s news feed as well. By doing this our “small presence” became big news and drove booth traffic and interest in an unknown first-time exhibitor to the highest levels possible.

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