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Best Vintage Kentucky Derby Ads

Derby won’t be taking place for a few more months, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a jumpstart on the decadence and depravity. Grab a drink and browse through some of the best Kentucky Derby advertisements from the last hundred years! Click here to view.

Why Authenticity in Marketing is More Important than Ever

In 2020, brands have no choice but to be transparent. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and social media, consumers have more insight than ever before into what goes on behind the scenes. As a result, brands are pivoting to appeal to an audience that considers authenticity the first-and-foremost factor when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Authenticity is King With the digital marketing field more saturated than ever, marketers are always looking for the best way to appeal to consumers. Time and time again, consumers will list authenticity as a significant factor in which brands they choose to support. But what elements lead to audiences deciding whether or not a brand is authentic

Missing important trade shows? Consider a virtual trade show booth.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, trade shows offer a huge opportunity for businesses to communicate the benefits they can provide to their audiences. However, 2020 has brought much more than we could have bargained for. Across the globe, these trade shows are being cancelled, including some of the largest events of the year across major industries. These events provide opportunities for valuable sales and networking that businesses rely on to thrive, leaving many companies scrambling to find alternatives that will deliver the same benefits as a trade show. While there is nothing better than face-to-face contact when it comes to connecting with potential customers, ther

Why Your Brand Needs a Voice and Tone

When it comes to marketing, we’re all constantly concerned with how to best present our brands. Is it up-to-date? Does it connect with people? How can we make sure it’s appealing to the right audience? There’s one element of a brand that connects all of these questions together: Your brand’s voice and tone. Why Does it Matter? If you want your brand to be effective, voice and tone is one of the most important elements in meeting that goal. Voice and tone communicates your brand’s energy and is key in helping you stand out from competitors. Are you looking to strike a more sophisticated tone… or something more fun and witty? Whatever you determine is best for your brand, its voice and tone is

Old-School Marketing Techniques that Still Work

The Internet has created a million ways to reach potential customers. Digital marketing has taken over as a dominant form of advertising for the vast majority of businesses, small and large. But, even digital marketing has its limitations. There are still plenty of old-school techniques that will allow your business to reach the audiences that digital marketing cannot access. Signage The most ancient form of marketing is still one of the most important. Your signage and storefront may be the first impression that people will get of your business. It’s important to invest in design and signage that is modern and fresh. A good logo and quality design will last for years and will always engage

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