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Upcoming Marketing Trends for 2020

While the goal of digital marketing typically always stays the same, the tools we use to reach those goals never stop changing. Since digital marketing is so fluid, it’s important to try to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s a few of the marketing trends you’ll probably be seeing in the New Year. Marketing that Appeals to Gen Z Marketers are starting to welcome the newest consumer group on the block, Generation Z. Gen Z consists of those born after the turn of the Millennium. Members of this generation are now entering the workforce en masse. According to research strategists, Generation Z will make up around 40% of consumers in 2020. Marketing geared toward Gen Z typically appeals to the gene

Content-1 welcomes Errica Abrams

Errica Abrams has joined the Content-1 team as an account executive developing new business opportunities. Errica’s ad agency experience and marketing expertise paired with the Content-1 commitment to service and creative excellence make a powerful combination.

Technidyne Optical Properties Book

Nothing screams industry thought leader like producing your very own textbook. Content-1 partnered with Technidyne to create a textbook amassing the vast knowledge of their industry they’ve gained throughout their 45 years of operation. Here’s a look at how we helped Technidyne celebrate their 45th Anniversary through the creation of an industry-leading resource. A Commitment to Education “Measurement and Control of the Optical Properties of Paper” is a 152-page hardback textbook designed to educate readers on various topics within the paper industry. Produced in part to celebrate Technidyne’s 45th Anniversary, the book is an invaluable resource for education on such topics as color, brightn

Content Marketing on a Tight Budget

You can run all the pay-per-click ads, boosted posts, and Facebook ads you want, but if you don’t have a strong base of content to direct your audiences back to, your efforts will be pretty pointless. Content marketing is a gift that keeps on giving, and it doesn’t have to break your bank. Here are some tips on how to do content marketing on a tight budget. Have a Strategy Before a single word of content is written, you’ll need to have a strategy in place. Who are you writing for? What solution is your content offering? How will this content help to grow your business? You’ll need to be able to answer these questions before you can start producing content that makes a difference. If the cont

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